Why You Should Come To Night of Worship!

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Hopefully by now you have noticed a trend…we are having regular Nights of Worship! There is a method to the madness…there is a reason for the season…there is a purpose for the praise!! Haha


I truly believe that it is of utmost importance that as Christians, we engage in worship of God, we engage in fellowship with other believers and we engage in the study of the Word of God. We offer these things on a regular basis at GABC on Sunday mornings through worship services and Sunday Morning Bible Studies. What a blessing that we are able to do those things weekly! So why then do we have additional Nights of Worship in resonate…and why is it important to attend those nights of worship?? Here are a few of my thoughts for you to consider:


  1. A Night of Worship gets you IN CHURCH on NOT SUNDAY!


Even the most committed Christian in the world is subject to pitfalls of the “routine” and “mundane”. Wouldn’t you agree that every now and then, Sunday morning can be an afterthought? We are always there. There are always a few worship songs and a Bible teaching. There is always that same family that sits behind us and sings really loudly (you know the one..haha). It’s good that church can become such a part of our lives that it is a no-brainer to be there…don’t get me wrong there. However, sometimes giving God an opportunity that is out of the norm to speak to our hearts can yield the greatest revelations of who He is and what He is saying! Giving God a Friday night out of your busy schedule requires a bit of sacrifice on your part…and I truly believe that God rewards our sacrifices that we make in order to seek Him. In fact…doesn’t he ask us to drop everything and follow Him? Isn’t there a characteristic of sacrifice in our very being as Christians? I think God sees your effort to show up at church on a Friday Night and praise His name and He rewards us accordingly! Don’t you think? Come and find out!


  1. A Night of Worship allows you a longer time of worship!


I love sermons. Especially sermon series! As a music guy, I often find myself thinking “Aw man! The worship time is over and I felt like it just started!” We so often wish the worship time could continue because God is moving and molding our hearts as we praise Him…which is a great feeling! Well, at a Night of Worship, we get to have an extended time of worship! What a great way to challenge yourself as a worshipper! Don’t be scared of becoming a bit more vulnerable…come to a Night of Worship and challenge yourself to go deeper in worship than you previously have gone!


  1. A Night of Worship allows us to grow TOGETHER in worship!


Guys we are all in this thing called LIFE together, we are in the church together, we are the Bride of Christ together. Shouldn’t we learn more about how to worship together? One of the best ways to learn to worship together is to actually worship together! At a Night of Worship, you get the opportunity to meet people outside of a Sunday Morning. Especially since we have 2 Resonate services…you may sit next to someone at this Night of Worship that you have previously never met before! Especially at this Night of Worship on Friday…we are serving hot dogs and drinks before the service at 5:45…come early! Meet new people! Bond with each other! If these things happen, when we approach the throne of God together, we do so with a familiarity otherwise absent. Familiarity breeds confidence…and confidence before God in worship is a key to deeper worship!


  1. A Night of Worship can spark a renewed PASSION!


That’s right…we need renewed PASSION in the church! Not just GABC…but the greater church. For my heart at least…music is one of the most inspirational things out there. Sometimes, God uses a song to pierce my hard exterior and get to my heart in a big way! Church, we need passion! All of us, myself included! Paul sang worship songs in prison! Steven sang worship songs as he was getting stoned to death! David was so passionate that he danced and screamed! Where has our passion gone for the Lord of Lords in the 21st century?? It is always my prayer that at these Nights of Worship, the Lord would show us what a renewed passion looks like and, Lord-willing, renew OUR passion!! Come on church! Can’t we rally behind praising our King?? There is something special about a group of believers singing at the top of their lungs a unified song of praise to the Lord of all creation. We can experience this at a Night of Worship!


These are a few of my thoughts…and there are hundereds of more reasons why you will be blessed at a night of worship. The bottom line is…COME TO A NIGHT OF WORSHIP!! Whether you attend Celebration, Resonate, another church or no church at all…I really believe this night will impact you in a wonderful way. Our God is alive and well and He wants you to seek Him…here is an opportunity to do just that!! Join us THIS FIRDAY at 5:45pm for free dinner in the Crosswalk Parking Garage and at 6:30pm in the Crosswalk Conference Center for our Night of Worship! See you there!






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